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Planning a UK holiday?

Carrying and pitching a tent can take up valuable time that could be spent enjoying your holiday. So, to save you the trouble, a motorhome holds everything you need, wherever your destination.

While travelling northward, you may come across Durham Cathedral at Durham and the ancient but urbane Tyne and Wear. Experience Newcastle, Gateshead, and enjoy the beautiful coastline of Northumberland.

Long-distance? Short distance? Explore new places with ease, using one of our motorhomes. You may only be planning to go on holiday for one week, once a year, which is why motorhome holidays in the North East of England are the perfect solution for you.

Our Recommendations:


Do you have an interest in history?
York is surrounded by historical attractions; a grand gothic cathedral, Norsemen heritage and great Roman city walks with a clear sight of North Yorkshire from every end.


Intersected footbridges with decorated lighting along the harbourside make Newcastle a perfect city destination. Get ready to familiarise yourself with Tyneside history in local museums and art galleries. It's also one for the football fans, cheering for the famous Magpies football team at Newcastle.


Do you have a sweet spot for stunning wildlife and places of historical importance? Northumberland offers plenty of landscapes for you to explore. Visit Northumberland to unearth this beautiful place and travel through time.  You will discover unspoilt beaches, expansive moorland and friendly market towns.


Leeds combines the spirit of modern urbanisation and impressive Victorian architecture. Unlike any other city, it's an ideal destination for a cultural treat.

Yorkshire Dales

Crafted green valleys, rugged cliffs and limestone netted farmlands, Yorkshire Dales National Park is truly a star in its own aspect.

Tyne and Wear

Tyne and Wear is an ideal hotspot for surfers, with its stunning sandy beaches. It is full of culture and fun-filled things to discover, from Tynemouth to Sunderland.


Durham is an essential place to visit. It holds some beautiful, historical places to visit, such as, The Grand Norman cathedral in Durham and Minaret Castle, which are sure to impress. 

North York Moors

North York Moors comprises vast stretches of heather moorland, full of ridges and edge cliffs for a marvellous view of the North Sea. You can even follow the dinosaur footprints that end in the Jurassic bays of the Heritage Coast. These can be accessed via the "right of way" footpaths.


Fancy a boat trip? 
Hop on at Scarborough and be blown away by the sights of seal habitats and surfers in the North Sea. You can also ride a traditional steam train that can take you to unexplored places in the North York Moors.  


Yorkshire is based in the north-central part of the country between the Pennines and the North Sea. It is known to be England’s largest historical county. which has diverse attractions for everyone to enjoy. This can be from the traditional industrial cities, the Medieval Market place, attractive beaches, to the scenic beauty of Yorkshire Dales. It is made up of four ridings that stretch from north to south:


his place is filled with fantastic scenery, cities absorbed in rich industrial heritage and out of sight markets. Explore glasshouse gardens, galleries, cathedrals, and chapels.


This place provides high spirited cities with industrial heritage and Pennine Hill villages in equal intervals. Look out for our guide for doing the foremost things in West Yorkshire.


North Yorkshire is a must-visit for a loving and pleasing walk across the Yorkshire Dales. From North York Moors to castles and convent ruins, you can enjoy all these attractions in one place.


East Yorkshire County has open farmlands, waterways lined with forts and suspension bridges. While the Yorkshire Wolds offer fantastic walking and cycling opportunities, there are also some fabulous city attractions.

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